Tip of the day

Tip of the day

I have to share a secret with you.

After testing Cicameds Collagen Boost Mask I feel that I want to share this amazing product with you. Cicamed is a completely new brand for me, but after I tried  a few of their products, I am completely sold! Collagen Boost Mask is a superproduct.

How to work it:
After cleaning your face, lubricate the Boost Mask, let it soak in for about five minutes. You immediately feel how the product starts to work and the skin tightens. After that you moisturize with your usual face cream.

Collagen Boost Mask is a moisturizing mask which simultaneously smoothes out fine lines. It works long term at the same time you see and feel the results immediately. The skin will glow, reduces pores and fine lines are smoothed out. In the long term the mask gives you a firmer skin.

The product contains Plantin and vitamin C to stimulate the collagen production which decreases as you get older and we need a little extra, it contains organic herbs, algae and caffeine which acts firming, antioxidants, CoQ10 and ALA (guessing it relates Lipoic acid which is an antioxidant) to protect the skin and then also Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera that has both soothing and moisturizing properties and Hyaluronic acid for hydration.

As a makeup artist I love the immediate result, I see how the pores visibly, almost completely disappears and I get a smooth foundation to put my bass on. I do not need to use a primer on top of day cream but can skip this step entirely, makeup lasts perfectly all day! The fact that it has many positive qualities that I mentioned above allows it to get a permanent place in my bathroom cupboard.


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