4 Things I would Tell My Younger Self About Starting a Business

4 Things I would Tell My Younger Self About Starting a Business


I don’t mean to sound like I have a huge ego, but I have been pretty successful with my business ventures and I am both grateful and proud of how far I have come.

It is very humbling and mind opening to take a look back though sometimes and think on what and who helped get me here. It wasn’t always on my own confidence and motivation.

Nope, I wasn’t always so confident about my decisions, and often wondered if I would ever get my businesses and ventures to take off.

Which got me to thinking, if I had the chance to go back and give some advise to my younger self, what would I say?

Well there are 5 things that definitely pop into mind and I would like to share them with you:

  1. Don’t be afraid to take risks

I am a woman in the tech industry, and that can bring about problems since that market is generally dominated by men. I can remember being so frightened to stand up to an investor, worried my gender would cause me to loose his support or think I didn’t know as much as a man would.

I would love to remind my younger self how brave, strong, and important I am even though I am a woman. I have gotten plenty of investments for my firm and have accomplished amazing things over the years, and even though I couldn’t see it then, it was there within me to stand out and shine.

  1. Plan it all

When I first started my business, I can’t lie and say I was completely on top of things from the getgo.

I learned over time that in order to stay ahead of the game, and make the most of my time was to plan out what I was going to do and how.

After getting the hang of it, I figured out that I save myself a ton of time also!

  1. Speak your mind

As an employee in a business, we learn to take orders and execute them without question. As a business owner and entrepreneur though, these rules fly out the window.

I gained the respect of investors and clients by being honest with them and telling them what I think, even when it wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

  1. Don’t take on too much at once

I remember first starting out and having so many ideas that things would get started then fall into the background, never seeing the light of day.

I still get these exciting ideas almost daily, but instead of taking action on everything at once,  write it down for me to think about later when I have the time to dedicate to it.

There are plenty more tidbits of advise I would love to pass on to my “yesterday me” and even all of you, but these 4 are the most important to me and I feel made the most difference in my success.