5 Tips to Win That Big Pitch

5 Tips to Win That Big Pitch

By: Susanne Birgersdotter


I was in London recently giving a big pitch to investors for my newest game, and while it’s simultaneously exhilarating and exciting to discuss my vision and goals with executives, it’s also physically draining.

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New York, Oct 14 2015 Oprah Winfrey promoting belief at the Early Show in a tight green dress.She waves to our photog and signs autographs to her awaiting fans. Foto: STELLA PICTURES


Not only was I away from my family for a period of time, but the combination of high energy and stress wore me down. It’s amazing to think that in such a short period of time (it’s been a year and a half since I started), I’m in front of high powered investors in London. That in itself is quite an achievement.


Here’s what I’ve learned so far in my entrepreneurial journey about giving pitches.

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Medal presentation held at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Pictured: King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia and Christina Stenbeck. Foto: STELLA PICTURES

Know Your Audience.

Take the time to learn who the investors are and what they’re most interested in. Focus on the message that will resonate with them. Don’t use technical jargon if your investor audience is made up of upper level executives who aren’t in touch with the technical side of things. Know exactly what you want your investors to do, and work your presentation towards that end.


51550422 Celebrities visit ABC Studios for an appearance on
Tyra Banks visit ABC Studios for an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ on October 6, 2014 in New York City, New York.  Foto: Stella Pictures


You’ll want to spend as much time as you need to rehearse your pitch so that it sounds natural and smooth. Sometimes this is hard with an already packed schedule, but carve out as much time as you can to practice. Don’t take a chance on winging it; have a plan that includes the following points and stick to it.


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Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit visit Furuset in Alna, Oslo, March 1, 2016. COPYRIGHT STELLA PICTURES

Points to Cover.

Tell your story, and make it compelling. Relate your story to your investors and what you know about them. Make sure you include the problem your product or service is addressing and what your solution is to solve that issue.


Give them concrete data on your target market and how you’ll get customers. Also include any information you have on the competition. You should round out your pitch with your revenue model and your financial projections to give them a sense of what your business model is like.


Provide key information on your funding needs, such as what’s been invested in the past and how much more you need to get to the next level. You should also detail your exit strategy to show your investors that you’ve covered all the bases.


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December 2012-USA – Beyonce has signed a million deal with Pepsi, The New York Times reports. The agreement includes traditional promotional appearances and a new commercial, but also the beverage companys investment in a number of the singers creative projects.Pepsis move is in line with a trend toward content creation as advertisers seek new inroads into the music business and labels marketing budgets continue to decline. Red Bull, through its Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Media House — has been funding original content for some time now, as have Scion and Converse. Beyonce will appear in a new TV spot for Pepsi, a brand she has been involved with since 2002. Her previous ads have included Britney Spears, P!NK, Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham. Shes also performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, which is sponsored by Pepsi. Foto: Stella


Have the Right Team.

Investors want to know about your team, too. You want to show them that your team is dynamic and works well together with the appropriate amount of experience and expertise necessary. If they sense friction between you and a partner or other management member, they’ll be less likely to invest.


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Pregnant reality star Kim Kardashian gets bomboarded by fans after enjoying lunch with a friend at La Scala in Beverly Hills, California on August 24, 2015. Its back to business as usual for Kim who recently returned from a family vacation in St. Barts.  COPYRIGHT STELLA PICTURES


Take Care of Yourself Physically.

Get plenty of sleep the night before, and try to schedule a workout before the pitch. This will release endorphins into your system to help combat anxiety.


Anxiety also causes dry mouth, so stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before hand. It helps to arrive early so that your nerves aren’t worn thin by running late. Before you go in to the pitch, practice confident body language by using a power stance. This means arms and legs spread wide; standing or walking is much better than sitting. Sitting is passive.


It’s normal to be nervous. Learn how to channel that nervous energy into enthusiasm, and you’ll set the tone for the pitch. Take plenty of deep breaths, and try not to hold your breath. This will help get oxygen to your brain and relax your body.


And smile. Smiling also increases those endorphins that calm your anxiety, and it projects a confidence to your investors.

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The 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted By Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 28, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. Pictured: Caitlyn Jenner. Foto: COPYRIGHT STELLA PICTURES


The most important thing when pitching your business is to have fun. Seriously. Even if the pitch doesn’t result in investing, you’ve gained invaluable experience and you’ve made some high-level contacts. And it’s all about leveraging our contacts.

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